Using the law to discriminate

Senator Donna Campbell is proposing an unfair amendment that would support the continual discrimination against members of the LGBT community. This topic is yet again of relevance due to cases in different states such as New Mexico, Iowa and Hawaii where small business owners have refused employment and services to LGBT people.

This proposal would let Texas businesses continue to refuse the employment of LGBT people on the grounds that their strongly held, religious beliefs somehow doesn’t allow them to support their lifestyle.

Some critics came out against the law because it would empower extremely religious and radical conservative types while simultaneously demoralizing entire groups of people and not even based on the content of their character but on a factor that does not affect anyone except for the individual themselves. Even other Republicans came out against the amendment.

There are many religious conservatives probably willing to support everything this bill stand for. Here’s the thing: the bible is against many things that these so-called Christians are partaking in anyway including combining fabrics, getting piercings and tattoos and eating pork. This would render their arguments not only invalid, but hypocritical as well.

Also according to Luke 6:37 in the Bible, “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

It is to my understanding that even if you are going to try and justify this amendment by using the Bible as a scapegoat for your idiocy, you will be in the wrong according to the reasoning of the Christian Bible because man holds no authority over the lifestyle of another.

Allowing this form of ill-justified discrimination to continue means spreading irrational hatred spawned from ignorance and fear and depriving work able citizens of jobs and careers, which in turn also supports negative generalizations made about Christianity.

From a non-religious standpoint, this amendment does not belong in modern society. Most of the country wants to move forward in terms of race and gender and the acceptance sexual preferences but it’s still surprisingly difficult to get people to stop ostracizing those who are different from the “societal norm.”

Another problem is how exactly do these people —-— who want the present to resemble the past as much as possible — keep getting into these authoritative positions? Maybe it’s because the people who oppose their radical ideals refuse to vote. This past election had garnered the lowest voter turnout since 1942. The fact that people refused to get out there and made a difference is part of the reason whackjobs keep winning elections.

So part of this is on we the people, particularly on moderates, independents, liberals, democrats and the LGBT people belonging to these political groups as well. In a nation where it’s still legal in 29 states to brazenly discriminate against people based on sexual orientation, we’d better be out making a difference.

There is hope however. This is Campbell’s second attempt at proposing an amendment to “protect religious freedom” which means the first failed. It’s acceptable to want to practice your beliefs but when it comes down to using those beliefs to ostracize people, you’ve gone too far.

Old-fashioned people in positions of power need to not only re-evaluate their positions on partial economic and social policy but they also need to stop enforcing their personal agendas on people who hold no belief in those same ideas.