Following a guiding light

I am so glad this semester is about over and I think about all drama I have gone through is the reason I will be glad to get a two month break. For one thing I can’t blame anyone for the drama it is something that happens in life when you are trying to do something to better your self and when you do here comes the obstacles and a lot of times it seems those problems tend not to not want to leave and sometimes they don’t leave. I know that I am a woman of faith so no matter what may come all things eventually will pass away. I have completed my journalism classes that are required for me to get my AA in journalism. So now I have to do my general education classes and I sign up for two hard classes and one was a math class. It has been 35 years since I have been in school and so this was a hard semester. When I look at the books and the syllabus I had to say to myself this is going to be a lot of work but if I have faith I can conquer anything in my life. I had my hands full but I was willing to tackle the classes to the best of my ability.

Three weeks after school began I had a bad fall on my way to math class. This caused me to be in the hospital for a broken rib. So this was a set back because I had to be out of school 10 days and when I returned one of my teachers had dropped me from the class and my other teachers wanted me to drop their classes without even giving me a chance to see if I could catch up with what I miss from the class. Of course I was willing to a take chance and try to catch up with the classes.   Sometimes it is better to not open your mouth in agreeing to catch up on something. Since I am a woman of faith, I knew I would have to do my very best and sometimes your best is not good enough. All we have to do is try because nothing hurts a failure but a try. I really love to write and three of my classes are all about writing. I love writing for the school newspaper. I have a real cool newspaper crew and Editor. We work together to make a paper so that the LMC students and staff can know what is happening at LMC. Our Journalism teachers who teach each how to put the newspaper together really know what they are doing and if it was not for their knowledge of journalism and photo-journalism our school newspaper would not had won all those awards that we receive this year at the Journalism Conference. I have to give a shout out to McGrath and Corlew. To our crew because they really deserve it because of their loyalty to spending hours and I do mean hours editing, copyedit page after page to put the paper together. So take time out and support our journalism department by picking up a newspaper and reading it. Well this is the beginning of finals time and every where the students are studying for their finals It is also registration time for some students especially those going to summer school. So enjoy your summer break but most of all be safe.

There is a lot talk about United States maybe having their first woman president. I think it is a good idea and nothing is impossible. Our country has been under the leadership of an Afro-American president for the past 6 years so why not give Hillary Clinton a chance to see what she can do as a leader of this country. When her husband Bill Clinton was President she was helping to run this country. Well it is about time for this country to starting thinking about who are we going to elect as our next president because 2016 is just around the corner. Even Hillary is starting to thinking about running even if she does act like she dose not want to want but the I would not be surprise if she does become our next and first woman president. The Cinco De Mayo holiday was as crazy as always been every year even in spite of all the security San Francisco, San Jose Morgan Hill and Oakland , people were still drinking and acting wild . So as we see people are going to be themselves no matter what. As we know life is what you make of it. We need take time out and think about others and how important ones life is and slow down, think before you drink and remember people kill people not guns kill people. Lets enjoy this enjoy the summer and have peace not violence.