Be prepared for life’s changes

Finals week is fast approaching. I hope everybody is ready. Faculty and students alike will be scrambling to make sure everything is in order. Students will be cramming as they study for their finals. Hoping to get at least a passing grade.

I often wonder if the staff and faculty think the same way. Wishing the semester would hurry up and end, and at the same time cringing at the thought of all the final grading they have to do.

Are the graduates ready to leave LMC? Do the transfer students know what they are getting into? A university possibly far away from home. As finals fly closer to smack everyone in the back of the head I hope everyone is prepared as they leave LMC. Study hard to make good grades, but don’t forget to get proper rest and sleep. Take some down time every so often so you can recharge you batteries. I myself will be studying hard and retaking notes for at least one class I’ve struggled with since the semester began.

I remember my first day on campus. I looked around at all the younger men and women as they rushed to their classes, or milled around the quad. I’ve made a few friends and hope to keep in touch with them.

It’s fascinating to see everyone interact with each other. I like the atmosphere of the Brentwood Center, but I also like the big library at our disposal on the Pittsburg campus.

I am an older student and often, when stressed and frazzled with my studies, I wonder why I decided to come back to school. When I should be working instead.

I’ve always wanted to go back to school and frankly I haven’t done a bad job of it, finances aside.

How many students worry and think about quitting school? Yes, I hate to admit it but I have. Then I look at some of the other men and women on campus. A man in one of my classes who is over 50 is still going strong and wants to learn more. I use him as an inspiration to continue in my schooling.

Hopefully the graduates who doubt themselves will take a look at me or another student that is trying hard to make it.

Everyone has an Achilles’ heel so to speak. Something or someone who holds them back a little bit. A peanut gallery if you will. Little voices that say you can’t do it or you’re doing it all wrong. Silence those voices as you go out in the world and strive for excellence and success.

But do not forget the “little people,” your friends who tried to help you and you family and friends who supported you along the way.

As we all go along in life it’s better to remember the positive we have done. Leave the negatives and mistakes in the past. We all owe it to ourselves to move forward and leave it all behind.

If you did badly in one class, take some time off from the subject and retake the class later. I myself have to take one math class again for the third time. I hate tests and it seems my mind goes blank when I look at the paper. Who else has that problem?

Everyone on campus is the same in some way. Yet we all are so different whether it is our interests or our lives in general, but we stick together as we study for our finals. We cheer each other on as we try our best to everything that needs to be done for passing grades.

I would like the graduating class of 2014 to know I personally pray you all succeed far more than you imagined as you reach for the stars. I hope you are prepared to do what it takes, but remember one of the greatest rules in life. “Treat others as you want to be treated” it makes life a lot less complicated. Whether others treat you badly or not. Treat them with respect.