Don’t embrace stereotypes

539421_475749799123842_641851715_nWe live in a world of where freedom of speech exists, but we also live in a world where stereotypes exist as well. Just when you think a stereotype dies down, it resurfaces. They exist everywhere especially in today’s workplace but there are ways to prevent them.

According to an article on, stereotyping is best described as, “The act of ascribing a set of traits to a person or group of people based on cultural preconceptions.” In other words, where a specific race is discriminated against.

Stereotypes oversimplify a reality about a specific group of people and they affect the people around you. If we’re moving towards a post racist society then we’re going to have to stop buying into generalizations about entire groups of people. The question is, how can we be equals, if we’re not seen as equals?

According to “Types of Stereotypes in the Workplace,” by William McCoy, workplace stereotypes are often related to “gender, race, sexual preference, and religion.” This means you are judged on aspects that aren’t related to your work ethic.

Job applications usually claim that perspective employees are, “Judged solely on the basis of qualification and ability without regard to age, sex, race, nationality, origin, religion, sexual orientation, martial status, disability, veteran status, or other classification by law.”

If this were accurate, people wouldn’t be hired because of their looks. That’s why there are jobs such as modeling which is a field specifically centered on appearance.

Of course there are other jobs where the way you look counts for example a lawyer. When you hear the word lawyer what usually comes to mind is sophisticated, well put together and also smart. You don’t see a lawyer walking into their offices or courtrooms dressed in ripped jeans, sandals and a tank top.

Age plays a factor also since “young employees may be considered incompetent due to lack of experience”. Or, it can be the other way around where being young can be a big advantage. Young people may not have a lot of experince as older people do but, they can be in better shape, health and able to be on their feet for longer hours.

There can be a soultion to this issue on the age in the workplace, what, if both young adults and older adults work together. Instead of being divided or pinned against another why not have them help each other out? Teamwork, working together in the workplace instead of being turned away based on age.

We as people should be able to work in a diverse environment without being discriminated against. It’s best to change the distorted image people my have of certain people, not embrace this image.

Employers should make sure that stereotypes aren’t perpetuated, and that the working environment is safe and healthy for people to work in. If we as people aren’t judged without regard to our age, and our race, then why are they still being discriminated against?

Typecasting people has been around for decades, and the best thing to do is to establish “zero tolerance” policies against this sort of discrimination.

It may not change the way people think outside of work, but it will make them think differently inside of work.

Stereotypes could destroy relationships with your co-workers, as it is harmful. The workplace is supposed to be a fun place for everyone, and it’s best to break social barriers, not embrace them.

We fought to be equals, so lets strive to be equal. It won’t happen over night but, in time maybe stereotypes will be broken.