Conference cancellation a shame

After reading about the cancellation of the Fighting the Fight Against Breast Cancer Conference, and the controversy that has come along with it, my heart is broken. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and should be the month of raising awareness and donations toward the disease.
From the Oct. 31 article, it looks as if those involved have lost sight of the true goal that has been set.
Breast cancer still has no cure and is taking lives every day.
It is a shame that the controversy has overshadowed the meaningful goal. It is also a shame that the event was canceled due to the low participation rate.
Breast cancer affects more than those directly diagnosed with the disease, and events like the Fighting the Fight Against Breast Cancer Conference help all to not only cope but to make a difference.
I encourage Los Medanos College students and staff to participate when possible. It is an opportunity we should all be thankful for. Participating can make a difference and encourage others to join in as well. It brings us a step closer to finding a cure, which is a step closer to saving lives.
It is important to keep our eyes on the goal and ensure that a controversy like this never happens again with such a delicate and important topic.