Women should have equality

Women, do you really think you have equal rights?

As an American woman if you are content with your situation then you are either happy being in denial or you live your life embracing the famous quote, “ignorance is bliss.”

The reality is that women live in a society where they have to work harder than men and yet get paid less than men.

Hundreds of datum and statistics indicate the same conclusion. According to the Census Bureau, 685,000 men and 916,000 women graduated from college in 2009, which means 25 percent fewer men receive college degrees than women.

That is the latest year that the statistics have been published. Other small independent researchers suggest this number would be higher now.

Despite the fact that women in general display higher intelligence and hard work by being more academically accomplished than men, they still make less in wages than men.

The statistics become even more shocking when combined with the fact that the discriminating wage gap between women and men remained unchanged from 2011 to 2012.

According to the Census Statistics released September 17, the gender wage gap of women’s earning were 76.5 percent of men’s in 2012, compared to the 77 percent in 2011.

As the wage gap moves at the pace of a snail, if it at all, wage gap might be the most documented way of exhibiting the fact that women have far from equal rights even in America.

But there are so many other injustices done on behalf of women that cannot be proven through statistics or some tangible evidence.

Like the African American slaves who were kept illiterate so they stay ignorant and never ask for their rights, women go through a similar kind of brainwashing that conditions them to live their lives continuously conforming to the roles set up for them by a mostly patriarchal society.

Although conditioning start as early as birth, naming a girl a flower while naming a boy prophet names or some other significantly meaningful name.

As little girls play mother and wife playing with baby dolls and cooking with plastic wear, little boys are encouraged to test the limit of their intelligence by putting together Lego puzzles, creating and accomplishing.

Little girls are told they’re princesses, so dream as in fairy tales riding ponies, and brushing their hair waiting for their prince charming to marry.

Their brothers are introduced to their first scientific experiment kit, so their mind can thrive.

Boys enjoy the satisfaction that comes with putting together a fully functioning robot just from parts that come in a box, girls become self conscious as the importance of appearance is imbedded in them.

As little boys grow to their full potential, feeling confident and ready to accomplish great things, little girls are almost completely brainwashed by now, ready to fill the role set up for them by a long standing patriarchal society.  Even when they perfectly conform to this role they seemed to feel a lack of satisfaction.