BSU to put on open mic night

BSU to put on open mic night

Raazhel Watkins, Staff Writer

On March 28 the LMC’s Black Student Union (BSU) will be putting on an open mic event featuring students’ spoken word and other forms of art in a continuation of the celebration of Black History Month.

According to T’Keyah Taylor, president of BSU at LMC, the theme of the night is creative minds, which provides a safe space for students to share their creativity.

“The idea of Black History Month isn’t just in protesting or talking about our leaders, but it’s about being expressive in more ways than one,” said Taylor.

Along with student work, poets Dre and Patrick who make up the group Jackhammer Serenade from the non-profit Bay Area Creative, will be hosting a workshop from 5pm-6pm prior to the open mic event, to give artists the opportunity to generate and workshop their pieces before the show.

After the workshop there will be a period of food and music, allowing time for people to come to the event and socialize as the performers get ready to transition to the show.

After student performances, Jackhammer Serenade will close the event.

Student participant, Victoria Alexander, who is part of the creative writing class at LMC said, “It’s nice that they’re doing it [the open mic], we don’t have enough of that stuff on campus.”

Alexander also thinks the workshop will be helpful for those who get nervous. Alexander is nervous about showcasing her poetry.

“I haven’t ever performed my poetry… I’m kind of nervous about that,” said Alexander.

This open mic will be open to everyone  who wants to express their work.

“Black History Month is about being expressive about your culture, but we didn’t want to limit it to the African Diaspora so we just wanted to have a place for expression.” Come by the event and see the students’ hard work and creativity,” said Taylor.