Drama staging two new shows

“One of the things that we’ve been fortunate enough to have are a lot of passionate individuals who want to write and create their own art,” said Drama Department Chair,” Nick Garcia.

For the last couple of years at Los Medanos College, at least one major show has been student-written play. This semester, the student production will be a socially relevant and humorous play “Reality Check” that 20 students put together in the summer Drama 914 class. The show is set to run Wednesday, Dec. 6 through Saturday, Dec. 9 at the California Theatre in Downtown Pittsburg.

The Creating Theatre for Social justice class spent “the entire summer just researching and writing this play,” said Garcia, adding that the play “tackles a lot of social issues that are happening right now specifically like racism in this country.”

The show will also deal with LGBTQ and mental health persecution but does not stop there. Topics surrounding gender and the Black Lives Matter Movement will also tie into this play.

“This show tackles each of these issues with humor but also it’s been heavily researched,” explains Garcia. “Each thing we’re bringing up is based on a fact.”  

The storyline of “Reality Check” is similar to that of Jumanji, in which a group of friends get sucked into a board game that challenges their preconceptions about certain ideas and along the way they learn more and more. It also deals with the kinds of the falsehoods that are believed and by the end of it, they grow together as friends and as human beings.”

Earlier in the semester Professor Barbara M. Norris will direct the first major show of the academic year, “Lone Star and Laundry and Bourbon” which opens Tuesday, Oct. 12 and runs through Monday, Oct. 23. This two-in-one act will be held at the LMC Little Theater.

The first comedic act, “Lone Star” takes place in Texas and tells the story of how a Vietnam soldier deals with day-to-day issues after returning home. “Laundry and Bourbon” is about three that will later connect to Lone star.

“Lone star and Laundry and Bourbon” are separate acts but Norris, believes that the acts are better when put together.

“The unique thing about these plays is they can be performed separately — they don’t have to be performed together,” said Norris. But, she added, “function the best when you do them together.”

The Drama Department is currently working to get a grant to bring in a speaker and have mini events leading up to these two major shows.

If you have ever considered being a part of a play, The LMC Drama Department offers various positions on both the production side and acting. Casting is usually finalized the first week of school each semester. There are also courses offered in Theatrical Design, Principles of Acting and Directing for the Stage among others — leaving many opportunities to be guaranteed a spot on this hands-on department.

For more information about the drama program and upcoming shows, contact Nick Garcia at [email protected]