Film club open for students

Do you enjoy watching movies with other enthusiasts or simply want to watch a free flick? Film lovers and those with an interest in the art of cinema in the Los Medanos College community are welcomed to join the film club for weekly showings of high quality movies. The club typically meets Fridays at 2 p.m. in CC-114, and new faces are always welcome to join each week.
“The film club is where anyone can gather on Fridays, sit down and watch a movie”, said Vice President Erica Burns. Students and those interested in attending can expect a laid back atmosphere and an environment where they can relax. “The club was created so everyone who’s interested can just take a load off on Fridays after classes and enjoy a good movie, ” she said.
“The club was created to give students a place to go have fun, relax, and enjoy a movie”, said Club President Daniel Pastora while adding that it’s “a fun and easy way to meet new people as well as watch a good movie free of charge.” Those attending the club’s showings can expect to see many different films, including ones they may have never seen before. “We will be showing a variety of films over the semester,” said Pastora.
With Halloween coming around the corner attendees can expect to see classic movies in the horror genre to reflect this. “The month of October will be dedicated to Horror films,” said Pastora. “This week the club will be showing the classic 1973 film “The Exorcist,” often regarded as one of the greatest horror movies ever made and one that holds up remarkably well to this day.”
Anyone interested is always welcome to in, “I just look forward to seeing some new faces at the club and having fun and talking with everyone, you can always follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see what we’ll show each week” said Burns.