New art to be displyed

Los Medanos College will be hosting the Art Guild of the Delta show in the Art Gallery every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from March 9 to April 13.

The opening reception for the show will be Thursday March 10 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Art pieces including paintings, drawings, photos, ceramics and sculptures will be showcased at the event.

According to the show’s new chairperson Pamela Tabel, this event is strictly for members of the Art Guild of the Delta who were invited by LMC.

“This show is open to all members, with no judging,” said Tabel.

The Art Guild of the Delta is a local group who has shown support to student art shows at LMC by raising money so the program is able to give cash prizes to students who participate.

“We love to support them because they are an example of community art,” said LMC Art Gallery Director Judi Pettite.

Pettite says there is a bit more pressure with this show because of it being a group setting – there are a lot more eyes looking at the pieces.

“Sometimes it’s trickier to please a lot of people,” said Pettite. “I just want [the artists] to feel good about their art work and how it looks.”

The artists dropped off their pieces in the LMC Art Gallery March 3 so Pettite could begin hanging pieces for the Art Guild of the Delta show on Friday, March 4.

Pettite also wants people to go into the show, slow down, and find some artwork they want to spend some time with.

“What does it remind you of? What does it make you think of? What do you think the artists were trying to say?” asks Pettite.

The next show LMC will be hosting is “Elizabeth Sher: Crossing the Digital Divide” running April 19 through May 19.

If you have any questions about the Art Guild of the Delta show or future art shows please contact Judi Pettite at [email protected].

Additionally, if want to know how to become a member of the Art Guild of the Delta please stop by the opening reception to talk to a current member or visit their website at