MESA flowers STEM program

Sonjia Gurecki

Mathematic Engineering Science Achievement, known as MESA, is not only a program with a center to tutor students who need help with science classes, it also assists students in the transfer process.

MESA is a state-wide program throughout California that allows students different opportunities in the work fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and supports as they work toward transferring to a four-year university.

MESA started at LMC in August 2009 when coordinator Carol Hernandez was hired to start the program. Hernandez oversees the MESA program and teaches a seminar class for MESA students that assists them academically through the transfer process.

MESA also works to push students into science and math related careers. MESA tutor Max Krause emphasized there is a need for people with higher education in these fields, and MESA is the best program to encourage enrollment growth in a supportive way.

“MESA is a place to be resourceful, in a comfortable environment, while working to help students in all sciences,” Krause said.

Pre-med student Kyle Gottwald goes to the MESA center at least four times a week to get help with his physics class.

“They’re teaching me what I can’t understand on my own,” said Gottwald.

This program also works to increase the number of first-generation college students in the STEM work force claims Hernandez. Students who are first-generation college students are more likely to receive priority when being a part of MESA. By doing so, MESA hopes to allow these students to be the first in their family to go to college and become successful.

While working to make students successful, MESA also works to build diversity among the Science Technology.

Engineering Mathematic work force, also known as STEM. According to Hernandez, industries have a need for more diversity in the STEM work force and by working that into MESA, they’re preparing them for their future careers.

The MESA center is going to be going through some remodeling due to a grant they just recently received. They are going to be adding studying space, with more tables so more students can be tutored and other students can come in and work on their school work. Originally the MESA center only offered three tables to work at. With the remodel there will be work space to accommodate over ten tables, hopefully full of students.

MESA also received another grant from the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program, which gave the MESA program 100 laptops to give to students who do not have a laptop or their laptop is not up to date. Though there are requirements, this grant allows some students to work community service by teaching others how to use computers in order to earn their laptop, so by earning their laptop their also spreading technical knowledge to others.