Study Away proposals for 2021 due

Weston Hopkins, Staff Writer

Proposals for the 2021 Study Away Program have been extended to Wednesday, April 29 by 5 p.m. The proposals were originally due April 15 but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the date was pushed back. 

The Study Away Program is separate from the Study Abroad Program. According to an email sent out by Ruth Miller, a Professor of Humanities and member of the Short-Term Academic Study Away Program committee at Diablo Valley College,

“It allows faculty and students the opportunity to engage in short-term, off-site programs during the summer or winter break. Significantly, the shorter time frames allow for the participation of students who otherwise might not be able to afford the time or costs of a semester-length Study Abroad program.” 

The STASAP had planned a trip to Paris for this summer’s Study Away Program, but due to the pandemic and stay at home orders, the trip was canceled. The trip was supposed to last from July 1- July 31, and according to the program for the trip, students will be more than tourists, actually living in the heart of the city, and experiencing through coursework and program activities.

Faculty applicants will want to work with their departments and an outside vendor to see what works for everyone like Accent, the Study Abroad Association, the American Institute for Foreign Study, and the Bali Institute. These organizations specialize in working with different colleges to create international, educational trips. 

As of now, the plan for proposals is for both the summer and winter breaks of 2021. According to Miller, “We can’t tell for certain whether the Summer 2021 will be too soon. We’re moving forward with the process because there is the possibility that Study Away will be cleared by then. There are a lot of moving parts and approvals that have to happen before something is finalized, and we have to be mindful of many people’s schedules.”

If faculty are interested in proposing a program, please visit the Study Away web page for additional information on the vendors and the program before applying. For students that wish to participate please visit DVC’s webpage.