Roof needs repair

Sean Tongson

A plan to repair the roofing at Los Medanos College is currently on the drawing board.

Though a timetable for the project has yet to be announced, the project will replace nearly all of the roofing located on the west side of the main college campus. This includes the roofing above the bookstore, cafeteria, little theater, and the temporary home of Admissions and Records. The project is slated to cost around $900,000.

“This project will remove the existing built roofing system,” said LMC Capital Projects Manager Ernesto Ramirez. “The new system will include the water proofing of the concrete, a new light weight concrete, and a new built-up roofing system. We are also planning to replace three air handling units in the College Complex.”

Reportedly, classrooms have also been subject to water leaks during the winter months. This project, will fix the inadequate roofing and replace it with brand new state-of-the-art material on the western side of the main campus.

Despite reports of leaky classrooms, no classes have yet to be canceled due to a leaky roof, although Buildings and Grounds Manager Russ Holt noted that the college did face some complaints this past winter.

“To my knowledge, we have not cancelled any classes due to leaky roofs,” said Holt. “Usually leaks in the classroom are not considered a safety hazard, but it certainly makes the space unusable. We will relocate [classes] if the problem is excessive.”

Many roofing projects have taken place since the college opened in 1974. Minor repairs have already recently taken place with the structures above the bookstore and PE complex.

Some roofs have recently been replaced in the last four or five years in the College Complex, which include the art area remodel, core building remodel, nursing/EMT remodel, and the student services center remodel, which is currently in progress.

According to Chief Facilities Planner Ray Pyle, the timeline for the project is currently in the developmental phase, and has yet to be officially announced.

“We just started scoping the project, and don’t even have any roofing consultants on board yet,” said Pyle.