Help those in need Sept. 18


Nicholas Rubalcaba

Nicole Gee took time to donate back in 2010.

Sean Tongson

The Los Medanos College Office of Student Life and Blood Centers of the Pacific are partnering up to hold a blood drive here on the LMC campus. The blood drive will be held in the Library Community Room on Tuesday Sept. 18 from 10 a.m to 3 p.m.

“The goal is to collect as much blood as possible for the community,” said Student Life coordinator Ashley Adams. “This blood drive is going to go to replenishing blood supplies, and the idea is to get different blood types so they can be sent to different people

in the community.” Within 72 hours upon collection, all the

blood donated is typed and tested for infectious disease, such as HIV, Hepatitis, West Nile Virus and others, then prepared and within a few days, provided to more than fifty hospitals throughout Northern California. The blood then goes to patients in dire need, such as car accident victims, women who just gave birth, patients with cancer, and hundreds others.

Though there are several different blood types, A, B, AB and O, donors do not have to worry about what blood type they have before donating.

“We obviously need all blood types, but blood type O positive is the most in demand,” said Lisa Bloch, director of communications for Blood Centers of the Pacific.  “The largest percentage of population have blood type O negative, which can be given to anybody in the event of an emergency.”

In addition to being able to help save lives, there are other advantages to donating blood.

“A lot of students don’t know their blood type, so when you donate blood, you can also find out your blood type, as well as get other stats, which is like getting a mini physical. We check your iron and your blood pressure, just to make sure it is safe for the donor,” said Bloch.

Many students have weighed in on this life-saving act of generosity.

“It brings different cultures together,” said student Elijah Mays. “Unity is good for our community as we stand together. It straightens our bond together.”

Joshua Owens shared his thoughts on the importance of helping others.

“Yes I would donate blood because it would be helping out other people. Why not help out other people if you’re capable of doing it?”

Even non-LMC students have shared their thoughts on this life-saving act of kindness.

Mike Pineda, who works at Sutter Delta Medical Center said he gives blood for two reasons.

“The first one is for my family. We all donate blood to keep, just in case a family member needs a blood transfusion or some other medical need. My mom has leukemia, so her white blood count is low sometimes and she gets infections really easy. We always want to have our blood available for her.”

“The second reason I donate blood is because I know there is always a need out there for blood. There are so many people in emergency cases that may need it. It makes me feel great knowing that I may be able to help someone in need. I feel we all should do our part if possible to do something that could potentially save someone else’s life. It takes only a few minutes out of my day.”

Students can drop in the same day of the blood drive and must bring identification and a list of cities or countries that they have visited in the last twelve months. Loose fitting, short sleeve shirts are recommended. Students can also expect to have their blood pressure checked, and staff will check for the best vain for the donation.

This is only one of several blood drives that are planned throughout the Fall semester. If students are unable to attend the September 18 blood drive, there will be another opportunity to donate blood on Tuesday, November 13 here on campus. Students may also visit the Student Life Activities and Events Calendar at for future blood drives.

There are some restrictions, as potential donors who have traveled internationally, or who have just received tattoos, must wait a full year before donating blood. Students may also check if they are eligible to donate blood at

Students who are interested in donating blood may either make an appointment by contacting the Student Life Office at 439-2181 ext. 3266, or by registering online at Enter the sponsor code “losMC”.