Vintage marketplace ‘A Current Affair’


Leticia Robles

Shoppers look around the vintage market as vendors promote their newest wear.

Leticia Robles, staff writer

Overlooking the San Francisco Bay Bridge was the Fall 2018 A Current Affair a vintage marketplace. The event was held in Richmond, Saturday Nov. 3 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A Current Affair is held twice a year, once the fall and again in the spring. It has up to 80 vendors from all over the United States and is also held in New York, Los Angeles and in the Bay Area.

Richard Wainwright started the show with other vintage vendors about seven years ago, They wanted to create a marketplace for customers to attend and find the “best vintage in the planet.”

Louela Guevarra, has been working this event for almost a year and a half. She lives in the Bay Area and is called every time they host a show here.

“It is based in L.A. we charge $25 from 10 a.m to 12 p.m. for the people who want the preview show. It is a rush of energy,” Guevarra explained.

The rest of the marketplace charges $12 from noon to 6 p.m. for those are interested in shopping the vintage marketplace. The money charged for tickets go towards improving the preview shows every year. They also charge the vendors and use it for complementary water and candy for all of the guests. Every year the ticket sales have increased from 10 to 20 percent.

“This year we have twelve new vendors,” Host Ali Skowronski said. “ It is all of different decades, from t-shirts, pants, to jewelry. People have bought their wedding dress here. It is gaining popularity because it’s so unique, one of a kind pieces and sustainable aspect.”

Vendors have also flown out from all of the country  to A Current Affair to promote their vintage wear. Maggie Foster, has owned a vintage store called Triple Gemini off and on since 2009.

“I am from New York and I fly out every year. I own all hand-me-down clothing that I know people will love,” said Foster.

From small to big businesses, A Current Affair hosts everyone interested. Visitors come from all around.

“It’s been growing every year,” said Skowronski.

Participant Melissa Wolf has come to the vintage get together for three years now.

“I love fashion. I always meet wonderful people with great fashion sense. Everyone has unique styles that is very underrated,” said Wolf. “Coming here makes me more appreciative of style and gives me more inspiration.”

The owner of “Hot Couture” Marta Koehne, started her own vintage clothing store 35 years ago. “I started this business right when I moved from Texas, I have been selling vintage clothes for 40 years,” said Koehne. “I just love vintage clothes and people who are into it like me.”

Koehne has a store in Santa Rosa and always try to make her way to A Current Affair to promote the store.

A Current Affair show will return to L.A. in December for its final show of the year. If you like unique fashion, with a vintage feel, be sure to catch the vintage pop up next time it’s in the Bay Area.