Musgraves surprises fans with amazing show

The Fox Theater in Oakland was filled with screaming fans as Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves took the stage Saturday, April 24.

Musgraves started off the show by apologizing to the crowd because she hadn’t released her new album yet but assured she had new music for them that night, joking that she would soon have a new album of her best rap songs coming. Jesting aside, she explained the only thing holding up the release was finalizing the album art and it would be out as soon as the details were finalized.

With the announcements out of the way, Musgraves broke out into an hour and a half set that included her entire Grammy-winning album “Same Trailer Different Park,” three new songs, her rendition of “Mamma’s Broken Heart,” which she wrote but was released by fellow country star Miranda Lambert, and covered hit songs from Weezer, TLC, Bob Marley and Nancy Sinatra.

The stage for the show was set up like an old western film covered in neon, although, unlike many other stage shows you’ll see, there were minimal special effects — other than a few puffs of smoke during two different songs — but she still managed to keep the audience engaged by talking to them.

She told stories about walking through Oakland, how three sisters left her a note and a gift before the show, and explained some of the songs before belting them out. The crowd hung on to every word she spoke.

Musgraves put on an excellent show and is a must see for any country fan. Even those who are not country fans should consider seeing her because she is an excellent performer and just might end up singing one of your favorite hits.