POSCO engineer visits MESA

LMC alum speaks with students on future

USS-POSCO Industrial Engineer and Los Medanos College alum Sonia Ferrell came and spoke to LMC’s Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement Program Friday March 27th in Science Room 202.

Ferrell said that after high school she had no idea what to do but she knew she liked math and science. She encouraged students not to give up even if they got multiple rejection letters. She admitted to applying to UC Berkley but not getting in.

“I was very disappointed, but I want you guys to keep trying,” said Ferrell. “A degree definitely gives you financial stability and education gives you a chance to move up in the world. It all comes down to preparation and knowing what you’re talking about.”

She asked attendees for topics they thought she should talk about. One student asked her what it was like to be a female engineer in a male dominated field. She replied saying that it wasn’t hard and that there are women “popping up everywhere.”

“I was very lucky to have someone there holding my hand. There were other women and they were supportive,” she continued. “It feels like a family.”

She was then asked about whether USS-POSCO has any safety measures in place.

Safety is one of the top priorities at our company,” said Ferrell. She spoke about how she gets to work with different kinds of engineers and

When asked about what it takes to get hired by a company she said, “Companies look for a lot of interpersonal skills. Communication is definitely a plus.”

She also told students not to be afraid of asking questions, even the simpler ones.

Her final advice to attendees was for students to not put too much pressure on themselves.

“You know yourself better than anyone else. You know what you can handle — find that balance.”

Though Ferrell has worked for USS-POSCO for eight years and is close to her colleagues, she says that this won’t be her final career.

Ferrell ended her speech saying, “Share your dream with the world, don’t be afraid.”