Trailer ‘Awakens’ fanatics


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A scene during the teaser for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

“Grover!” I shouted in response to a character’s voice off-screen.

Then, appearing on a giant movie screen, the image of a little green alien appeared before me for the first time in my life. The voice was the same, but this wasn’t the blue puppet on Sesame Street that I was so accustomed to, this was someone completely different, this was Yoda.

My life as a Star Wars geek had officially begun.

Now, over thirty-years later, the saga will continue with the combined efforts of Disney and Director JJ Abrams at the helm. This past “Black Friday” the world got it’s first peek at next years release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With an overwhelming response by curious viewers worldwide, the 88-second teaser trailer has already accumulated over fifty million views on Youtube alone since its release.

Half of those are mine.

Overall the trailer is awesome. We don’t see much going on during the teaser, but what is briefly shown was enough to give me chills, leaving nearly every hair standing on edge as the Millennium Falcon raced across the sky once again.

We get to see the new faces of the saga. Still unknown if they are heroes or villains, it’s nice to see a new side of the galaxy far, far away, one that shows more diversity both racially and sexually than previous chapters in the saga. As usual, some unnecessary cute item needs to be added to appeal to younger audiences. First it was Ewoks, then it was Jar-Jar, this time in the form of a rolling droid. What is this, some sort of R2-D2 offspring? Hopefully it receives a better response than its “cute” predecessors.

So what will become of this newest addition to the saga? Will the success of Abrams’ reboot of the Star Trek franchise reflect in this attempt? And most importantly, who is that dark figure with the newly designed lightsaber?

Left with only a few brief scenes for now, fans will have to wait until May when the next official trailer is released and we’re given a bigger look at the whole picture. Until then, be patient and steer clear of the rumor mills. Now time to get back to bull’s-eying womp rats in my T-16 back home. See you at the movies!