“Melophobia” doesn’t scare “Elephants”

“Cage the Elephant,” is an American Indie Rock band from Green Bowling, Kentucky who got their rise to fame in the year of 2006. So far they’re at no pace to stop. On October 8 the band released their third studio album titled “Melophobia,” which I believe is going to put this band right where they want be. The word melophobia ironically means the fear or hatred of music.

Cage the Elephant decided to go for an easy going and lighter route with their music this time around. I feel that it is because of all the negative vibes that they were giving each other during the production. They try to make their songs positive with tracks like “Telescope,” which has a reggae island spin on things and “Come a Little Closer,” which has a bit of a laid back feel to it, also it is the lead single for this album.

The one track that could send you into another dimension was “It’s Only Forever,” which was featuring vocals from Alison Mosshart who does vocals for the indie bands “The Kills” and “The Dead Weather.” The song “Halo” has a classic rock feel that will catch any fans attention. I feel that songs like “Black Widow” was inspired by band “Artic Monkeys.”

Indie rock, psychedelic rock and a hint of classic rock are all fused within the traditional Cage the Elephant elements. It’s something that somewhat makes up a winning combination.  The song “Take it or Leave it,” reminds me of the classic rock jam called  “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by “The Beatles. ” It’s not even funny!

The track “Hypocrite” wasn’t really to my liking but I caught another Beatles reference in it. I’m guessing that they played a big role in the inspiration for the album. If there’s anyone you might want to grab some musical inspiration from, The Beatles can help get those creative thoughts flowing.

Another track called “Teeth” takes an entirely different turn for the whole album in a more eccentric vibe, which was really experimental for the band.

“Cigarette Daydreams” is the closing track on “Melophobia” and in my opinion it’s not my favorite for an albums outro but it achieved a greater purpose. That was to collaborate all that was great about “Melophobia,” all together into one song; soothing and upbeat, which I feel is a win-win for Cage the Elephant.