Return to the Rockstar world of GTA


Whether you are a gamer or not, we are all familiar with the popular video game series  “Grand Theft Auto.” The brand new installment to this lucrative franchise is “GTA V,” and it lives up to the expectations.

The game starts off in Ludendorff, North Yankton, 9 years from today. There are two protagonists, Michael Townley and Trevon Philips, with their two other accomplices. They start out doing what they do best, bleeding the banks for everything they have, but before you know it things turn against them. Faster than anyone could react, the place became filled to the brim with cops who want nothing more than to put a bullet in your skull.

In the game there is a mechanism where you instantly change from one playable character to another. In one instance, Michael had a gun to his head by a security guard and I was able to switch from him to Trevor. Trevor then helps out Michael by shooting the security guard in the head and proceed through the mission.

As the game advances into the present, you gain control of the third and final protagonist, Franklin Clinton. Clinton is a former gang-banger trying to look for another career path that will lead him into a lot of money that he can live on.

As you get properly introduced to each character, you discover that they each have a unique skill and ability. Michael can slow down time while he is shooting his gun, similar to the mechanics in the games “Red Dead Redemption” and “Max Payne.” Franklin can slow down time while he drives. That allows him to turn sharper in races or cruising on the streets of Los Santos. Trevor, while he is firing his weapons goes into what I call Post Dramatic War Mode because everything turns red so his shots do more damage while he takes none.

Each main character is tailored with their own unique story line that will keep players hooked and constantly anticipating what will happen next.

The in-game visuals are remarkably stunning, which is a major step up from previous titles. The world felt alive with an unlimited number of activities like yoga, tennis, mountain biking and base-jumping. Every little detail that you could find in the real world is present in this game.

I loved every moment of this game. It was fun being brought to a new and improved Los Santos, which hasn’t been the setting since “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.” I felt apart of the world as if I actually participated in every action of the game. This is one of my favorite games ever.