Roll Call Deux Reception

“Art pieces are like your children, you just can’t pick a favorite.”

Wise words from instructional assistant Eric Sanchez at the reception Thursday, Sept. 12 in the LMC Art Gallery for the annual Faculty and Staff Art Show “Roll Call Deux.”

Sanchez captured the moment with pieces he called “Pittsburg Night 1, 2 & 3.” The photos give off a sort of fantasy feel with an absence of life, end-of-the-world emotion. Truly powerful and dark, “The Dow Chemical Plant” made the perfect area for Sanchez to get the perfect shot he envisioned.

Another captivating photograph came from LMC Website Administrator Eloine Chapman titled “Last Light.”

“The atmosphere of it all really took me in and the lighting in this area really spoke to me more than anything,” said Chapman about her favorite photo.

The photo was of a tree gently placed on top of a green grassy hill with the leaves and grass swaying with the direction of the wind. What really gave value to this shot was that immediately after it was taken, a storm rolled in and lightning struck the tree in the photo, completely removing it from the ground.

Chapman said she felt lucky to be able to get the shot she did because in a way she was the last person to see that tree rooted to the ground, hence the title, “Last Light.”

LMC gardener Gilbert Amaral displayed wood carvings with the most mysterious title for his collection of pieces: “What is it?”

“I am inspired by nature itself because there’s nothing in the world more smooth, elegant and beautiful than nature,” he said, adding he was inspired by the opportunity to take something that already was visually stunning and completely transform it into something else while still keeping part of its natural feel.

LMC’s Annual Faculty and Staff Art Show turned out to be a great success not only visually but emotionally. As I gazed upon each piece, I felt as if I was being taken into world for a split second to relive the moment the artist had experienced.

The show will run until Oct. 3. It will remain open Tuesday-Thursday from 12:30-2:30 and 4-6 p.m.

As a fellow artist myself, I appreciate the hard work that went into making the annual event possible.

Please catch the art show while you can and be on the look out for the upcoming Postcard Show called “Terrestrial” in October.