New Games Announced

Fall is just around the corner, which to gamers means the release of next generation consoles. From August 21-25, companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo attended Gamescom, the worlds largest video game convention in Cologne, Germany to unveil their multiple gaming masterpieces to the public.

Gamescom opened up with a demonstration of the up and coming game “Killzone: Shadow Fall” on the PS4 at the Sony Press Conference. After, it was revealed that the fan favorite racing game “Gran Turismo 6” will be released December 6, 2013, just in time for the holidays. There will be featured cars in the game that do not actually exist in the real world. It came as a surprise as it has never been done before in the racing game franchise which has always modeled itself as being true to reality. Many auto distributors have gained influence from the models in the game and might be bringing those cars of designer fiction to life. Sony will be filming a full-length movie based off the racing franchise.

Fans of the PlayStation Exclusive hit “Little Big Planet” jumped for joy when the new installment to the series will be released as a digital download for absolutely free. The digital version will be entitled “Little Big Planet Hub.”

The PlayStation Vita handheld system also made a splash at Gamescom by announcing that it will support any PS4 games via remote play. With remote play you can continue a game that you left off on your Vita straight onto your television or vice versa. For example, if you are enjoying a game of “Call of Duty: Ghosts” on the family TV and someone wants to watch a show while you are in the middle of a match, usually you would have to give up the TV, but now you can continue the game later on your Vita. Games such as the popular “Broderlands 2” will be making its Vita debut this holiday season along with other games such as “Batman: Arkham Origins” and “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes”. The Vita has been a milestone for indie gaming with its multiple touch-pad and touch-screen components and now, dozens of new indie titles will make the Vita their new home for mobile gaming.

There were numerous games announced at Sony’s press conference, but the name that stuck out the most was called “Bigfest,” where you play as a music festival promoter and build, create and manage the ultimate music festival with the goal of becoming the worlds most successful music promoter. Sony has partnered up with the website “Jamendo” so you can promote unsigned music groups within the game and share the experience with an online community. With some luck, it could create real world fame. It’s innovations like this that Sony strives for in their game designers.

It was also announced that some of the other largely hyped PS4 games will release the same day as the console, November 15, 2013. Those titles include “inFAMOUS: Second Sun,” “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag,” “Call of Duty: Ghosts” and “Watch Dogs.”

Microsoft did not have a full-length press conference while Nintendo did not have one at all. Both companies had less than 10 games to preview to the public and did not get into great detail about any of them. They essentially rehashed old information that everyone was already familiar with. Microsoft and Nintendo certainly could not compete with Sony’s announcements this time around, although they probably have things up their sleeve for future conferences.