Review Crew: “The Lighthouse”

Nicole Loughran, Guest Writer

The Lighthouse by Robert Eggers is just okay. I’m not sure if this was the kind of movie that really elicits strong reactions from its audience members. I really can’t imagine someone raving about it, or completely shredding it apart for that matter. In my own opinion, this is because the movie is just okay.
The Lighthouse did have a few high moments here and there. For example, some of the scenes in which we learn more about the disturbing pasts of the two main characters as they drank themselves silly off of lighter fluid helped to add more substance to the film. Other moments from the movie that piqued my interest were those that had a more horror focus. This included scenes depicting man on mermaid sex or the catching of a head in a fishing net.
However, these dramatic moments couldn’t keep the film interesting throughout the entirety of the time allotted. I spent the majority of the movie watching the agonizing schedule of chores of a “wickie” or lighthouse keeper. While the movie did have some interesting ties to Greek mythology, it couldn’t save the film as a whole in my eyes.