Viewers will ‘Love, Simon’


What “Titanic,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Me Before You,” and “La La Land” all have in common is that they’re all romance films that have left an impact on many viewers over the years. In some ways, those movies have become folklore, as people love to discuss and contemplate what happened in those movies and what might have happened to those characters next.

“Love, Simon” has the same quality. As the movie progresses, viewers can tell that it’s a movie that will have an impact for years to come.

The movie featured rising actors Nick Robinson and star of “13 Reason’s Why”, Katherine Langford. Both showed chemistry on screen that got a viewer like me invested in the story for the long run.

Since both are rising actors, there is plenty of growth both Robinson and Langford demonstrate in their acting to sell the backstory to the readers, and keep the audience connected as the movie reaches its climax.

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe this movie, and it could even be compared to John Green movie’s “The Fault in Our Stars” or “Paper Towns.” Then again a viewer could compare the movie to other famous romance films such as “The Choice” or “The Notebook.” However, “Love, Simon” does well to separate itself from other romance films that have been released in the past four years.

The film is categorized as romance, so as a viewer it is expected that the movie will be focused around the topic of love. “Love, Simon” does well to speak on all aspects of love, no matter who you love and that a person shouldn’t be afraid to love someone.

On that point, the film does well to not only talk about the romantic side of love but also the platonic side of love. The move shows that when you care for someone, they care for you and will accept you as who you are no matter what changes may happen in life.

“Love, Simon” is a well put together movie, has a good flow to it and the characters keep viewers invested in the story. This film a must see.