Employees ‘roll out’ creative art

Annual art exhibit now open

The Los Medanos College art gallery is showcasing the creativity of employees this week at Roll Call 3: LMC Staff and Faculty Art Exhibit! This exhibit features art ranging from paintings, framed drawings, photography, and art videos.

The show opened Thursday, August 25 and runs through September 24. A reception for the artists was planned for Thursday so people to could mingle and speak with them about their pieces.

Current journalism professor Curtis Corlew has several showpieces for this year show.

“As an art major, I have been doing this since the 70’s and have been participating in this art exhibit since the 90s when I was part time.” Curtis explains how he is interested in perceiving things and changing pieces that work with the ideas.

“The art show is a chance for the artistic faculty to show off their work and a chance to share what we can do. It is also very fun to see.”

LMC professor Joanna Perry-Folino, has a photography exhibit in the gallery showcasing dolls and a restaurant photo. She explained how she happened upon the photo of the restaurant.

“I walk 10 to 13 thousand steps a day — doctor’s orders. It started in July. It is now a practice and a discipline. The only way I could do it initially was to pick up my Canon, take my dog Brando and find a friend to walk with me. My photos, along with hundreds of others were taken walking through my neighborhood in Berkeley,” said Folino.

She then discussed both, the importance of art and the artistic process.

“A strange thing happened once I began. I could see my surroundings in brand new ways, with new eyes and sometimes from unusual perspectives. I think that is why we create art: to see things in new ways and to feel life more deeply. I walk much further than my neighborhood now. I am walking the world,” she explained.

Art Gallery Director Judi Pettite discussed future events that will be coming to the gallery, one of which is student art show later in the year.

“I never know what I am going to get,” said Petite, who is happy about the quality of the new shows and encourages people to see it.

“Come out and join us, the more the better,” said Petite.