‘Nightcrawler’ – Violent and sociopathic

Nightcrawler was an awesome movie that left the audience feeling worried.
Jake Gyllenhaal plays Louis Bloom, a driven young man that pushes his way into the world of crime journalism in Los Angeles aided by TV-news veteran Nina Romina, portrayed by René Russo.
While I was watching this movie, I began to see what Louis Bloom’s intentions were, as he kept convincing Nina to show his exclusive news footage, while her colleague Joe Loder (Bill Paxton) tried to oblige her and warn her about Louis.
Jake Gyllenhaal did a phenomenal job, and he was slick with the way he said his lines.  His character appeared to be sociopathic, and eager to get his videos on television, often resorting to having his lackey Rick Garcia (Riz Ahmed) do his dirty work for him. It was interesting to see how far people would go when it comes to journalism, and investigative reporting.
Some people may not get the plot but once they see the hints given, they might get it. This movie is chilling, unpredictable and it will have you questioning Louis Bloom’s behavior.  Go see Nightcrawler!