Oh the ‘Horror’

‘Caste’ brings movie to life


Photo courtesy of www.thebawdycaste.org

Members of “The Bawdy Caste” portray the iconic characters Magenta (left) and Riff Raff during the film.

Wow, you can have a lot of fun with 6 people named Jeff and a strip teasing, age-ambiguous tree-man. This was the kind of fun had the Rocky Horror Picture Show screening at the Pittsburg California Theater last Friday night, Oct. 24.
The show started with an expletive laced, but spectacularly entertaining, speech by the Bawdy Caste’s Riff Raff. He clearly had experience working the crowd, going back and forth with the extra cast members who helped set-up.
Normally when a show takes 45 minutes to start, the audience begins to become restless. However, it’s a little difficult not to pay attention when you’re encouraged to dance to bad pop music and the MC tells you to shout profane things and invites you onstage to play “Riff Raff” says.
The film itself was great of course, as it is the longest running midnight movie in cinema history. The actors did a great job at re-enacting the scenes with their limited, but still impressive props, while garnering audience participation, especially when it came time to do the “Time Warp.”
Staying true to the kinky nature of the film, the cast came out adorned in revealing lingerie, garnering catcalls from the audience. During key points in the film, the Bawdy Caste’s Dr. Frank N Furter would run out into the crowd, straddle, fondle and sing to anyone sitting in the front or in an aisle seat.
At the end of the night, the place was littered with playing cards, toilet paper and newspaper and the crowd who seemed tired but happy, was exited to take pictures with the cast and to give donations.
Go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show Bawdy Caste. For upcoming dates, go to their Facebook page under “The Bawdy Caste.” Your hands will smell like latex, but you will enjoy yourself.