LMC club to entertain community

Shenanigans has some exciting events coming into play in the near future as members of LMC’s Improv Club plan to host shows for the local community.
“I’m really excited that Shenanigans is getting to be more community-oriented this year. We get to spread our love of theater to the general public,” stated the club Public Relations Officer Du’Praiseja Smith. “That is the greatest feeling ever, in my opinion, I get to share what I love.”
On Oct. 15, the club will be meeting with the Child Care Center. Performances will be made for the children and will include themes of nature to match what they’re learning about while in daycare. Children will have a chance to help choose how the stories will go and what kinds of stories will be told.
There will be two separate shows, one for the children, and shortly thereafter a follow-up  that’s open for the parents of the children as well.
In November, Shenanigans will take a trip to Oakland Children’s Hospital to perform for different wards of the hospital, including the infant unit, the burn unit and the cancer unit.
Club members will be singing, reading and performing short skits written by team members. Gifts will be handed out at the end of the events so patients will have something to remember the department by.
“We love the kid shows because imagination is key in successful acting, and the imagination of a child is way better than ours could ever be,” said Shenanigans Treasurer Katey Hilton. “We hope to be inspiring to them so that they may hold on to that imagination as they grow up.”