‘Walking’ tall

Walking Dead game engrossing

The Walking Dead: Season Two, developed and published by Telltale Games, is by far one of the more engrossing games I have played. Although I do not have the background of season one as I have yet to play it, the nearly instant connection with the characters in the game makes me never want to stop playing.

The game is released episodically with two of the five episodes have currently been released. Each episode is a bite-sized chunk, about two hours long. The episode releasing of games is a relatively new way to doing things, although it is becoming more prevalent.

Each release not only stays true to the show, but also introduces new story lines.

Whatever you did while playing the previous season carries over into the new episode. In my case, the story was randomized. You play as Clementine (eight years old in season one, 11 in season two) to start the game which expresses the true mindset and decision-making someone in her position would need to make when trying to not only escape walkers but also say the right things to all of the people still living to ingratiate herself into the group and be seen as friendly and not harmful.

Episode one, entitled “All That Remains,” finds Clementine traveling with Omid and Christa, characters from the first season. Clementine is eventually split up from them and has to fend off the elements by herself for a while before she finds a new group of people who have taken home base in a cabin.

“A House Divided” is the second episode where the group decides to move on from the cabin due to an impending threat and end up joining in with another group, one of whom had a previous meeting with Clementine.

My single quibble with the game would be the fact that is seems like as an 11 year old, Clementine is the most level-headed of all of the other characters in the game. Even though it is the players choice as to what dialog is said (via a multiple choice like feature), there is a relatively clear path as to what you should say in order to keep things sane.

A season pass for the game gets you access to play all five episodes upon their release.

The season has three episodes left, set to be released periodically by the end of this year, with episode three (“In Harms Way”) set to be released in Q2 (second quarter of the calendar year).

I cannot wait to get my hands on episode three and see where the incredible story continues.