‘Water Dragon’ splashes again

Water Dragon splashes again

Hiimwaterdragon’s new album, The Past of Hiimwaterdragon, was released Jan. 25.

This album is unlike his others as it has remastered tracks from some of his old bands he was in, hence the name of the album.

However, it is not all remastered tracks. There are songs he wrote years ago and had never released them until now, again referencing back to the theme of the album.

I love all of the songs on this album. I feel they are eclectic and give a wide range of emotions throughout each song.

Certain songs can make you want to punch something and other songs can make you want to cry.

One of the things that shows Water Dragon’s musical talent is how he can mix genres so well, in ways I have never heard before. He has screams and break downs, but then has melodic sing along parts shoved in the same song.

When you can make songs that can merge so many elements in one track and have it be graceful, you have an unhinged talent that the world needs to experience.

One of my favorite tracks on this album is called “Best Boy 3.” It is a track Water Dragon redid for the third time in his career.

I loved the original version, but in this third version he added extra instruments to make the song sound larger than life.

The chorus of the song reminds me of a cloudy day and it starts to rain, but something amazing just happened to you, so now you see the clouds and the rain as something beautiful.

The song is twice as long as the other versions, but in no way redundant or useless. The length of the song just adds to how epic and timeless this new version is.

I recommend purchasing this album, but Water Dragon gives different outlets to download it legally and for free.

You can purchase the album on iTunes or download it for free on NoiseTrade.com or Google Play.

You can also listen to the whole album on YouTube.