The new normal – Day 57


Photo courtesy of Faith Bough

Adriana Ivanoff, Perspectives Editor

Editor’s note: “The new normal” is a continuing series that looks into how members of the Los Medanos College community are coping with a shelter-in-place order amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Los Medanos College student Faith Bough feels she has an introverted personality and has been doing fine dealing with the new normal in her daily life.

 “Socializing has never really been a big part of my life, so it’s not taking much of a toll on me,” said Bough. “I still visit with my significant other whom I spend most of my time with. I still report to work six days a week and I haven’t seen much [of] a change with co-workers, more so with the customers.”

Working at a coffee shop, Bough says regulars are having some trouble changing their normal routine due to the virus. 

“For the most part, all the regulars still need their coffee and are willing to come get it personally,” she said. 

Bough’s lifestyle is active and she describes herself to be “always on the move” so the shelter-in-place has hindered her ability to be as mobile as she wants to between going to work and going out.

“Staying in place has been a little tough but not terrible for me,” she said. “I am appreciative of all the things I have at home and the activities I can now accomplish during this time.” 

An activity that she has taken up is painting. She is grateful for not only the new experiences in trying to learn new skills, but mostly in the little things. She has her job, and her schooling has three days of online classes.

“It hasn’t been an easy adjustment for my daily life, but I’m appreciative of everything I have and my family being healthy more than anything, so I’m handling the changes as smoothly as I can,” said Bough. 

Bough believes that the adjustment must be taking its toll on others and voices her opinion that some just don’t fully understand the larger risks.

“I feel as though some individuals have a hard time understanding the current situation the world is in, as it is something not many have experienced,” she said. “This hasn’t been an easy adjustment for anyone, I feel as though the younger generation and older people alike who act out in unconventional ways are being misunderstood as well.”