Men’s basketball team suffers heartbreaking loss

Fans heckle opposing team

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

The men’s basketball team had a heartbreaking loss against Yuba College, with a final of 105-99. It was a hard-fought game that showed the grit, toughness and resilience of both teams to get the victory.

The game started off in Yuba’s favor as they garnered a 7-0 lead before an LMC timeout. The timeout changed the momentum, as LMC came rushing back to tie and keep the lead for most of the game. 

The first half showed incredible three-point plays made all over the court. LMC held a lead of nine as Yuba made mistakes, but tried their best to stay close with a halftime score of 54-45.

When the second half started, Yuba started to do press defense, which for the first four minutes didn’t work so well as LMC built a 14-point lead going into the final 10 minutes.

However, Yuba College started making a comeback and LMC couldn’t overcome the defense, resulting in an eight-point lead for Yuba with four minutes remaining. LMC blew their lead and was in trouble of losing. 

LMC didn’t go down without a fight as they got within two points with 30 seconds left, but Yuba made free throws, while LMC couldn’t execute on the offensive end. The game ended with Yuba College celebrating their hard-fought victory.

The audience was heavily invested throughout the game. A group of students, who were standing up from their seats most of the game, constantly heckled Yuba College players to distract them from making shots, including a chant that would be screamed whenever Yuba College’s Caden Flowers would miss. 

In the first half alone, Flowers went 2-8 from the field so one could imagine the constant screaming of “Let him shoot!” affected him. He missed vital threes to keep his team in the game which led to the hecklers screaming at LMC defenders to leave him open so he could miss another shot. The two made shots were a three and a short two-pointer. 

In the second half, however, Flowers  found his groove as he would only miss one shot on 6 tries. The hecklers went quiet but continued to heckle his teammates. 

The audience didn’t distract Yuba as they went on to get the victory over LMC. For more information on the men’s basketball team, visit