LMC’s women’s soccer draws a tie

Rival team goes neck and neck.


Mohammad Najimi

Lily Ruiz looks to set her team up with a prim scoring opportunity with a big kick from the sidelines.

Mohammad Najimi, Staff Writer

Los Medanos College women’s soccer team faced off against Cosumnes River College on Tuesday Sept 13, which ended in a 1-1 tie. LMC started the game giving the ball to the Hawks which had them stay on defense for the first 10 minutes of the match. 

The Hawks were in control until LMC got their groove and had good offensive pressure on the Hawks. The offensive pressure included shots on goals by Lily Garcia 12 minutes into the match and another shot by Olivia Kamm. 

20 minutes into the match, LMC received a corner kick after the Hawks kicked the ball out on a close call shot by Sasha Chaloner. On this corner kick, Garcia centered it where Chaloner headbutted the ball into the opponents’ net, making it a 1-0 lead for the Mustangs. The game went on with a corner and a penalty kick that both led to a goalie kick for the Hawks.

32 minutes into the game the Hawks had a push going after a Mustang shot on the net by Nathalie Farias which led to a goal that went past the Mustang goalkeeper. The Mustang goalkeeper, Sam Nash, had no chance on saving the ball that was shot. The game then became a 1-1 tie and both teams were aiming to get that tie breaking goal.

After the Hawks goal, there was a back and forth happening with multiple chances from the corner to an amazing save by Nash. The second half resumed with the score at a 1-1 tie with the Hawks immediately having a goal taken away from them with the incredible jumping save from Nash on a corner kick. 

Two minutes after the save, there was an injury scare for the Mustangs as Bella Burton went down holding her knee. She would then be taken out of the game and viewed by the trainer Brian Powelson. Her substitute would be Olivia Kamm, coming back into the game after being subbed out earlier.

70 minutes into the match, there was controversy with the refs giving the ball to the Hawks after one Hawks player knocked the ball out of Nash’s hands when she was trying to throw it to a teammate. This caused an uproar from not only the Mustangs players on the field, but the coaches on the sidelines too. The entire game looked like the refs were in favor of the Hawks as they received more penalties on plays that looked clean. 

The entirety of the game it looked as if the Mustangs were constantly having to get the ball out of their own end of the field, as defense was their main focus. Time went by as both teams were trying to get shots on net and get that goal to break the tie, but all failed. During the 83rd minute, Burton was deemed eligible to get back onto the field as she subbed in for Melanie Rangel. 

Late in the match, Tatiana Elsea was running for the ball but took out the Hawks player that had control. It was a hard hit and takedown as the ref gave her a yellow card after being warned earlier in the game on a similar play.

The Mustangs’ next home match is Sept. 27 in a conference match against Napa Valley with kickoff set for 2 p.m.. For more information on the LMC Soccer team, visit www.losmedanos.edu/soccer.