Staff softball game is coming up


Erick Amaya

Clinton Calvin makes a catch during a staff softball game on Oct. 11, 2019.

Erick Amaya, Staff Writer

The staff softball game is back this upcoming Friday April 10 at 2 p.m. in the softball field. This marks the 15th year in which the staff softball game will take place, dating back to 2005.

This tradition began with the idea of Los Medanos College classified staff socializing with one another.

“There are many employees who do not have the chance to regularly connect, whether due to working in different departments or at different times of the day,” said Bookstore Manager Robert Estrada, who is organizing the event. “I have met and formed strong connections with many colleagues as a result of the staff softball game.”

The game allows staff members to interact with each other in two ways. One way is through participating in the game and interacting with other staff members in the dugout discussing game tactics, education-related content, or personal life. The second way staff members can interact with each other is in the stands watching the game. LMC staff members can interact in this way by cheering the participating staff members and getting to know their peers on a personal level.

There will be two teams; the Giants facing off against the A’s. Staff members who want to participate in the game are encouraged to wear either Giants or A’s gear, depending on the team they support. There are no expectations based on playing ability or athleticism, only enthusiasm and the will to play.

Estrada recommends that participating staff members bring a softball or baseball glove if they own one, wear sunscreen, and show up about fifteen minutes before the first pitch to stretch and warm up.

Though the expectations are not high, there will be competition to see who comes out on top and enjoys bragging rights. Last fall, the competition ended 17-15 in favor of the A’s after a tight game between the two teams.

For more information about the game please contact Robert Estrada at [email protected] or call him at (925) 473-7540.