LMC needs a track and field program

Shawn Simms , Guest Columnist

LMC does not have a track and field program — and it should.

Not only is running the most natural way to stay in shape, track and field is important for your health. According to Health Fitness revolution there are several outcomes that are sure to benefit you from participating in the sport. The first: it builds healthy habits. It wouldn’t be the best idea to eat unhealthily and then begin a run. Coaches encourage athletes to eat properly before and after races. You perform and feel better when you have the proper nutrition during training, not to mention a healthy diet allows you to perform better so when running track, you tend to make healthier food choices

Secondly, running improves your cardiovascular fitness which, to your benefit, decreases your risk of stroke and heart attacks while at the same time burning fat and increasing muscle tone.

Track and Field also has many life and psychological benefits as well that will help you. For instance, in track you will learn commitment, dedication, and discipline, some of the hardest virtues to learn. For most men and women, the importance of aging beautifully is at an all-time high. Track actually helps to slow down aging because as we run, we condition our bones and muscles to remain strong and not easily weaken. This explains why people who run regularly are less likely to experience bone and muscle loss as they age. Psychologically, running has the ability to alter an individual’s mood because endorphins are released as we run.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been running track. It’s a part of me because I’ve been involved for so long. It’s the only sport I’ve done and I can say that throughout the years it’s kept me in the best shape. There are several other things I’ve noticed that has also benefited me. I began to notice a difference in my skin and how it cleared up naturally. I also noticed that my appetite became much more active before and after workouts. The sudden change in muscle growth from just running was amazing, but most importantly my bones and muscles were getting a lot stronger from running.