Comeback kids walk off


Cathie Lawrence

LMC celebrates its 4-3 victory over Napa Valley on Tuesday. Center fielder Jason Bray celebrates while teammates pile over Jack Downing who hit the walkout.

Hugo Calderon,

Los Medanos College snapped its four game loosing streak, as it emerged victorious on Tuesday’s thriller against Napa Valley College with a final score of 4-3.

LMC’s Riley Cleary hit a homer in the bottom of the first inning with teammate Daniel Glorioso on second base putting the team up 2-0. Cleary would have another date with home plate later in the game.

“That homerun was a good confidence booster for us especially going into conference,” said Cleary.

As the game went on, it seemed the home side would keep its lead up until the end of the game. The Storms had other things planned.

In the fifth inning designated hitter Carter Pennington was able to make a run on a wild pitch, while left fielder Brooks Green also made a run due to an error by the Mustangs’ Miles Coston. With the teams even at 2-2 and two outs on their name, up stepped Napa Valley’s Joey Kassis who hit a single RBI, putting his team up by one run.

LMC’s Scott Meylan was introduced in the top of the sixth on the mound. He came in clutch for his team; striking out seven of the 19 batters he faced and didn’t allow any runs.

“It was a great feeling [striking out seven batters] one of the best feelings for a pitcher. Its months of blood, sweat, and tears coming together in one moment,” said Meylan.“In the final innings when I was on the mound I was shaking, but I knew I had to stay calm and stick with basics.”

Mustang Jack Downing stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the fifth. Downing had two strikes to his name and the team had two outs. The catcher matched Cleary’s hit earlier, sending the ball far over the wall for his team’s second homer of the game tying the score 3-3.

The game stretched out 10 innings with tension in the air. In the final inning, Cleary hit a double giving his team a glimmer of hope. Again it was Downing who stepped up to the plate, getting on base due to an error by the Storm catcher, who allowed Cleary to earn a run and give his team the win.

“I tried to keep everything slow. I saw Riley on second base. He looked calm and that’s what really calmed me down,” said Downing. “I felt pretty relaxed. I’ve been in that situation before and I knew what to expect.”

Downing has 11 RBIs and 18 runs to his name so far this season.

“We haven’t been finishing a lot of those innings, those plays, and those games. The best part of days like today is that it can kind of relax you a little bit,” said head coach Anthony D’Albora. “We ran into an issue there [in the fifth inning] because we didn’t make some defensive plays and we didn’t execute some pitches.”