Mustangs drop to 0-3

Garrett Belme, [email protected]

Haley Weder aims toward the goal.
Cathie Lawrence
Haley Weder aims toward the goal.
The Los Medanos women’s soccer team took on the Mendocino College Eagles at home and while they played tough early on, LMC ultimately lost 10-0
LMC kept the ball on Mendocino’s side of the field for the majority of the first fifteen minutes and when the Eagles managed to advance deep into Mustang territory, the defense made key stops to keep them from scoring.
Mendocino was unable to capitalize on its first two shots, with the first sailing off the mark and LMC’s goalkeeper corralled the second.
The first real scoring opportunity for the Mustangs came soon after their defensive stand but was handled by the Eagle’s goalkeeper.
The first score of the game came on a perfect shot from Mendocino to the top right corner of the net to give them a 1-0 lead.
The defense again stood tall and didn’t allow the Eagles to convert another scoring opportunity into points, however when the Mustang offense got into Mendocino territory, the shot attempt sailed over the goal post.
After dodging that bullet, the Eagles took the ball down the field and quickly added another score, which prompted a change for LMC at goalkeeper.
The change at goalkeeper didn’t pay dividends as Mendocino again scored with relative ease.
Later in the first half the Eagles again got past the LMC defense. The goalkeeper charged out to get the ball but was swiftly passed by, leading to an easy goal for Mendocino to make it 5-0 going into half time.
The second half started out much like the first. LMC played much tighter defense, which forced some Mendocino misfires. However, in a stroke of bad luck, a shot by the Eagles bounced off the upright and into the net for Mendocino’s sixth score.
Mendocino never called off the dogs, running the score up to 9-0 and handing LMC their third consecutive loss and third consecutive shutout.
After the game, head coach Zach Sullivan explained the team’s lack of production on offense. “When we get close, it’s hard. For a lot of players, the ones who are there are injured and just trying to play through it so just getting to there is a bonus and if we can create good chances that’s even better,” said Sullivan.
It’s hard to stay positive after losing in the fashion that LMC has, but in regards to the team moving forward, Sullivan stated, “Every game we’ve gotten better and we’ve played all really good teams and our game this Friday is a team that’s more of our level and we think positively going into it. We expect to compete with them.”
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