Players unite to support fight


Cathie Lawrence

LMC baseball players shaved their heads for their Baseball Head Coaches Mother as she is fighting cancer.

The players of the Los Medanos College baseball team said goodbye to their hair in support of Lori D’Albora, head coach Anthony D’Albora’s mother, who is in her fourth fight against cancer.

The players became aware of the situation after D’Albora came to practice with his new hairstyle.

“I did it myself just to do it with her, to give her someone to have a good-looking baldhead with,” said D’Albora. “They saw me come to practice the day before with a shaved head so they knew what was up, and they wanted in on the fun.”

D’Albora noted that his mom wasn’t surprised the boys cut their hair since they have been supportive of both of them since the news initially surfaced as the team sent her a get-well card knowing her situation, and after noticing that she was at their home game against Napa Valley College March 19, the first time she was able to get out of the house for something other than her doctor appointments, the Mustangs produced a special fired up 5-2 victory.

“I think it meant a lot to the guys that she was there, and I know it meant a lot to her,” said D’Albora. “It’s a good little back-and-forth between Momma D and the Mustangs right now. I’m lucky enough to work with a group of guys that care about stuff the right way.”

The idea to lose the locks came from coach Chris Bodishbaugh, who approached outfielders Jonathan Allen and Jared Ambuehl to get the ball rolling.

“We got a good amount of guys to do it,” said Ambuehl. “Coach D was pretty shook up but as a team we just tried to come together and I think he knows anything he needs, we’re here for him.”

The team and coaches stand Mustang Strong with D’Albora and support her in her fight against cancer.

“Keep fighting. My mom had it too so it hits home, but keep fighting because you have so many people in your corner,” said Ambuehl.

“We’re all pulling for you [Lori] and praying for you,” said outfielder Jake Hom. “Every time we take the field, we are playing for you.”

Pitchers Alec McAuley, Matt Davis and Spencer Vincent also share their thoughts with Lori.

“I will pray for you [Lori] to keep fighting. You have done it before and you can do it again. Our whole team is pulling for you,” said McAuley.

“You [Lori] are in our thoughts and prayers before every practice or game. You have been a big part of our success,” said Davis.

“The strength you [Lori] show to take on an obstacle this great has really brought a positive influence on our team,” said Vincent. “You are with us between the lines as well as in our hearts. We are all with you.”