Evaluation is in full swing

Baseball looks to create chemistry

As Los Medanos College’s fall baseball season begins to wind down, the coaching staff and players grind harder to make an unforgettable impact in the upcoming spring 2016 season.
“In the fall games, we will often play 12 or more innings so there isn’t necessarily the traditional nine innings win-loss result you will see during the spring,” said head coach Anthony D’Albora. “It becomes similar to what you would see during spring training; the guys are on a more regimented plan and as coaches we will evaluate their execution of those game reps.”
The preparation D’Albora mentions consists of required five practices a week each lasting about three hours, plus additional speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness conditioning workouts on Saturdays, commonly referred to as “SPARQ.”
“Practice is tedious but beneficial,” said pitcher Spencer Vincent. “Conditioning is a tiring task, but with our formed workout plans and SPARQ every week, we are bettering our skills on the field through sweat and determination.”
Although practices seem repetitive and long, the players find the positive side as they know working hard is how they will become a dominant team heading into the spring season.
“If the team can keep developing and creating chemistry like we have, I can easily see us in playoffs. We have already bonded over the short time we have had so far, and there are a lot of pieces I am excited to see come together for the [spring] season,” said catcher Ethan Utler.
Vincent agrees as he expects the team to dominate when the spring campaign comes around.
However, he acknowledges the team couldn’t have reached where they are now without the motivation from the coaching staff.
“Our coaches are the best. I’ve never been apart of a program with such direct advice and guidance to help achieve success,” said Vincent. “Each coach expects the most from us which makes us strive to a higher level of competition.”
D’Albora brings the boys back to reality as thinking toward playoffs is a long stride into the future, and reminds them to take it slow.
“I don’t know if anyone is truly prepared for the start of the season until you get there,” said D’Albora. “From now until that first pitch is thrown we just have to commit to getting as strong as we can, mastering our individual crafts as best we can, and enjoying the heck out of every moment we get to do it as a group.”