NFL pricing out the passionate fans

The NFL is up and running, and even though there has some been controversies, football is still the love of the nation. There is one problem that is beginning to affect the average fan, the raising cost in ticket prices. Specifically, it is making it hard on us as college students to afford to attend games.
It’s hard enough being a Bay Area football fan when the Oakland Raiders are firing their head coach after failing to win a single game, and there is controversy among the San Francisco 49ers as they got off to a slow start. What makes it really hard to be a fan of the NFL in the Bay Area as a college student, though, is the raising cost in prices.
Now, if you actually want to go to watch the Raiders play you can probably find a ticket in your price range as the average ticket price is only $64.80, but they are looking to build a new stadium and that’s when things will change.
The San Francisco 49ers have already built a shiny new stadium and the prices have skyrocketed.
According to a report released by, the average ticket price to see the 49ers in 2013 was $83.54, nearly $20 more than the average price to attend a Raiders game this season. That price might be doable for college students who are true fans of the team, but now that they are at Levi Stadium the average ticket price is $117, a change of over $30 in average ticket price to attend a game.
I can’t speak for every college student in the Bay Area, but I don’t know anyone on campus that can afford to drop over $100 to attend any event, and that’s without paying for food and drinks.
The issue with this is not just a problem for the 49ers. When the Raiders get a new stadium, whether they win a game this season or not, the prices are going to go up too.
This is a serious problem that has to change as college students are going to have to find a new way to enjoy football games.
We can always go to the different resale websites when the team stinks like the current Raiders, but even then the prices are still high. With prices high and the new advancements in broadcasting of the product it is almost better to just sit at home and watch NFL Red Zone.  Sure you don’t get the feeling of being a part of the crowd, but you get to see every big play.
The NFL is pushing us out, and soon the crowds are going to look and sound empty, because the only people who are going to be able to afford to go to the games aren’t the rabid fans who have made football America’s passion.