Non participating student body

There is an air of disinterest at Los Medanos College when it comes to student participation. This was apparent this semester, what with students not only refusing to participate in certain activities but making little to no effort in finding out about things happening on campus.

This was demonstrated earlier this semester when the college held its open house. Despite the efforts of those who helped coordinate the event, the turnout was underwhelming.

Now there are events that do bring in a lot of people, but these are activities set up in the indoor and outdoor quads, so they’re in your face. Even when you can garner a huge crowd, it’s hard to get them to invest in clubs or other school organizations. For instance, the Lambda Eta Omega Club sold cookies and shamrock shakes for St. Patrick’s Day, and though the club members said they were satisfied with the turnout, there weren’t a lot of people who bought things from them. According to LEO President Collin Brown, the club was “very happy with the money we raised, but we could always use more.”

Though funding for school programs come mostly from the school itself, they also rely on students’ contributions but, unfortunately, the people don’t always come through.

Elections are coming up next week and, sadly, there are students who aren’t aware of this and, even if they were, who’s to say they aren’t too apathetic to do anything about it? It’s important for students to participate in things like this, especially if it relates to the way the school is run. It would be moronic to complain about the way student representatives handle things if you don’t do your part and utilize your voting power.

It would be nice to see LMC be a tighter community that not only focuses on getting where you’re going but enjoying where you are, and making the school better by supporting your fellow peers.