Thanksgiving in 2020


Experience Staff

Getting through this year has been difficult for everybody. The pandemic has thrown the world into disarray, and it’s only getting worse. Now, during the time of the year people look forward to most, a new effect of the pandemic is going to be felt by many, which is not getting to see their families on such special days of the year. In spite of that, we at the Experience wanted to share what we will be doing this year for Thanksgiving. We hope everybody has a good holiday season, but urge you to be careful during such an unprecedented time.

Weston Hopkins

Weston: This time of year is always great because people have high spirits and are excited to see their families, excited to eat great food and have a great time. No matter what it is, watching football with my family, the holiday parade or playing board games, the atmosphere is always amazing. Obviously this year will be much different and difficult due to the pandemic, but thankfully we at least have the internet and modern technology to keep us somewhat connected. COVID sucks, but it’s extremely important that everybody be as safe as possible, so that next year Thanksgiving can be normal.

Roya Mohammad

Roya: Every Thanksgiving I spend my mornings with my family and end Thanksgivings at dinner. With my family, I have the typical Thanksgiving day. We dress in our winter outfits, help out with the food, and just hang out with cousins. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is then going out with my friends and taking advantage of all the sales. I love running through the rain, trying not to get soaked while carrying my shopping bags. We usually end our shopping spree by eating fast food in my car, chatting away while the rain hits my car. This year it saddens me that I won’t be continuing my Thanksgiving tradition; however, I rather be sacrificing one Thanksgiving than being infected with COVID and never having a Thanksgiving with my friends and family again. 

Andrew Guitron

Andrew: Thanksgiving is a very important holiday for my family. The simplicity of thanksgiving is why it’s my family’s favorite as we just come together, eat a lot of food and sit around watching the football games that are on. Thanksgiving gives my family a reason to just relax and talk to each other for the day while also eating amazing food. What Thanksgiving means to me is just being thankful that me and my family got through the year healthy and safe. With COVID occurring it makes it hard for me and the rest of my family like my aunts, uncles and cousins to be all together like years before. So what I’m going to do this Thanksgiving is to spend it at my house with just my family and eat and watch the football games.

Jesus Chico

Jesus: Growing up, I have always had a strong opinion about traditions, I never liked them. Having traditions for the sake of traditions didn’t resolve for me. It was often traditions my family had developed in a culture that I was not a part of, so for myself, connecting to them was hard. As an adult, I suppose I have softened to the idea of traditions; and in a year where I would love to do something that feels normal, this is the year where we break traditions in every sense. This year my household will still hold a Thanksgiving dinner but perhaps with much less people than usual. Our family usually only meets during Thanksgiving and Christmas and we are unsure that would be the case this year. However, despite the circumstances, we will try to connect and be thankful for what we have and look forward to a future where the traditions of meeting no longer seem arbitrary but welcomed and honored. 

Elizabeth McLaurin

Elizabeth: My family has never made a big deal out of Thanksgiving. It’s not really a thing for all my relatives to make plans to celebrate together. This is true for every holiday. So, I’ve spent the majority of my Thanksgiving holidays as a guest at a friend’s family gathering or just with my mom, sometimes my aunt. A few times, I hopped around to multiple gatherings over the course of the day. Those were probably my favorite. There is something incredibly special and intimate about being welcomed into another family’s inner-circle and experiencing traditions far beyond anything I’d ever been exposed to. I’ve always liked Thanksgiving for the warmth and community it radiates, and the food too of course. Alas, this year will be very different for obvious reasons and I’m okay with that because I feel strongly about doing my part to limit the spread of COVID. I also think a lifetime of not making a big deal out of holidays has lessened the impact of any disappointment I might feel. So, this Thanksgiving, you can find me chilling at home with my Aunt Betsy and Teddy, the best little dog in all of California. Not a bad compromise, I think.