Ignorance isn’t bliss politically

Katie Loughran, @Katie__Loughran

They say ignorance is bliss, but that doesn’t apply to political ignorance. It’s easy to think that it is bliss, because remaining uninformed and ignoring the unpleasantries of those in power may allow you to focus on yourself. You can create a bubble in which you can’t be harmed with scary information from the government. That bubble has to pop. It won’t remain intact when you’re affected by those who lead our country. 

The leadership of our country has been in the control of an individual that has created far more harm than good throughout his term. Donald Trump promised to make America great again, and now more than ever, it’s clear that this statement was just another one of his empty promises. He continues to take actions that make America an unsafe, unfair, and hateful place to be. Now, the question is — What are we going to do about it?

If you aren’t familiar with some of the red flags Donald Trump had raised earlier in his term, allow me to provide a few: he bragged about using his celebrity status to, allegedly, sexually assault women, he claimed past presidents didn’t make calls to the families of fallen soldiers, he threw paper towels at hurricane victims, and he recently made it easier for people with mental illnesses to buy guns after rolling back restrictions that had originally made it more difficult for them to do so. Among the many listed above, the red flags may have just come back to bite him and the rest of our country in a major way.

Trump ran his campaign as a champion of gun rights, but does that make him blind to the need for more sensible gun regulations? Yes, it absolutely does. This was made abundantly clear as the ridiculous number of mass shootings that have taken place under him has garnered little response from the President other than his hollow thoughts and prayers. 

No one wants to live in a place where the constant possibility of a random mass shooting lingers in the air, but this is the reality for every American citizen today.

As the idea of sensible gun regulations have joined the other hard-to-swallow truths that Trump refers to as Fake News, it seems that the Republican lawmakers and legislators have forgotten the one thing so many of these shootings have in common: people who shouldn’t be allowed within 100 yards of a gun are acquiring them with ease and using them in an unsafe and reckless nature. The worst part is it only seems to be getting easier for these types of people to purchase weapons as Trump continues to reduce restrictions.

In an article written by Robert J. Spitzer, he compares America’s gun control history to our current situation with gun control and asks a critical question about how high gun violence toxicity levels must reach until it hits a critical tipping point that’ll open the eyes of those who see no problem with gun control. 

The issues concerning our country’s safety from gun violence should already be enough to make any uninformed citizens skeptical about the person currently in charge. 

We cannot stand idly by and witness the downfall of our country without a fight. Together, we can change the things that need to be changed. Together, we’ll be the ones to make America great. Perhaps for the first time.

Although I have a car, I choose to use it only when absolutely necessary. I believe the future of this planet rests almost completely in the hands of  man and the decisions we make. Although the benefits to my health are obvious, they aren’t why I ride. I ride because I love it, and all that matters in this life is finding what you love.