Sexual affairs are irrelevant

In the most recent chapter of the Stormy Daniels-Trump scandal, Daniels filed a lawsuit against President Trump claiming that his lawyer coerced the former adult film star into signing a statement denying a sexual encounter between the two in 2006, which was then given to the Wall Street Journal.

 If Daniels’ claims in the lawsuit turns out to be true, it will be undoubtedly interesting for the tabloids and completely irrelevant to politics or the Trump presidency. Why major publications such as the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times are taking on the story is a bit of head scratcher.

 As much as the left bemoans President Clinton’s sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky being used as political fodder, why should they be harping on Trump’s now? Both were consensual and both have little to no effect on the President’s capability in office.

 Whatever your opinions about either man, neither deserve to have their consensual infidelity to be politically wielded against them. What a president does within the privacy of their own bedroom is irrelevant to the public as such acts have nothing to do with their fitness nor their policy positions.

 It’s one thing to bring to light horrendous sexual assault accusations, which both presidents have had made against them, but it’s another to attack a person’s sexual history. In a moment so centralized on sexual assault, wouldn’t it be more relevant to discuss the 13 sexual assault accusations made against Trump dating back to the early 90’s?

 Sexual assault is newsworthy. Consensual sex is not. Leave the gossip and the slut-shaming to the tabloids.