Community college appreciation

Los Medanos College is an outstanding community college that students need to take some time to realize how lucky they are to be attending. I used to be one of those students who shamefully admitted that LMC wasn’t a great choice and wished I had skipped to a 4-year university. I hated how I had to go to community college and how I was wasting time. Truthfully, I am glad I attended LMC because of all the opportunities and realities I had went through. I had my heart set on doing something I never even really took the time to think about. People would question me about what career I was going to pursue. I had the idea of joining the medical field, but after graduating with my associates and taking some time off to think, I realized that’s not what I had in mind. I came back after taking a semester off and took some great classes to explore and realized what I truly loved versus what I didn’t love. LMC has given me a much better understanding of my direction in life. I have now come to my senses and I realize that after all this time spent here, I am honestly glad I didn’t skip to a 4-year college. I decided to take my time choosing what I wanted to do in life. I am always overhearing students trying to get out of community college as fast as they can so they don’t get stuck there. Honestly, what’s the rush if you don’t know what you want to do in life? I never understood why people would rush to leave community college, especially when they didn’t know what direction that they wanted to go in afterwards. I want to pass this message along to my fellow students at LMC and hope that they realize what a great school Los Medanos College is after all.