Letter to the Editor: We need more classes

I am a current Los Medanos College student and though I have been very pleased with my experience attending school here for the past year, there is one thing that has always stuck out to me. Being a Communications major, I am interested in taking classes like Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and maybe even a fashion class for an elective. As you know none of these classes are offered here at LMC and for those like myself that are transferring to a state or university college, I believe it’s especially important to have these types of classes under our belt and can be used as transferable units.

The more knowledge we gain from the junior college we attend, the more successful we will be in our future journey of receiving our Bachelor’s Degrees. The courses that are mandatory for Communications majors here are basically all speech classes – and yes, I believe speech is very important when it comes to communications, but so is writing, marketing, advertising and business. Adding these classes would provide some diversity to this major and more knowledge to the field and the experience we need as Communication majors.