Letter to the editor re: Paris

In the article “Reflecting on Tragedy” by Joseph Delano. This article touches on the attacks in Paris. It also discusses how students and staff from LMC were affected directly and indirectly. Either way no one will forget what happened in Paris. Staff and students alike talk about what happened and how that affected them. Some even had loved ones in Paris during the attacks and used social media to communicate with those in Paris. We also had 5 students from LMC studying abroad that were blocks away from the attacks. The article goes further into talking about said “List” that has made its way round in media that has the names of places the terrorist group ISIS plans on hitting. I feel like we shouldn’t be scared of this list because it has been out for a while and its now barely getting the attention it was seeking for in the first place. Instead of running and hiding I think we should show people that this tragedy will only make us stronger instead of break us down like it was intended to. Social media has made this image spread. Some people are terrified but others feel stronger. Students say they are scarred and I was too at first, but we have to look at this in different eyes. We need to keep our heads high and show the world that we are stronger than these terrorist. We will win this war on terrorism but have to show them that we are stronger than them.