Don’t blame all Muslims for acts of terrorism

There is no correct way to deal with tragedy. Some people cry, some are angry and others become distant all of which are understandable. However, what is not acceptable to do in the midst of tragedy, is blame the innocent and make false accusations against a community of people solely based upon their religion, race or gender.

Just to be clear, not all Muslims are part of ISIS, just like not all white people are in the KKK. It is the same exact logic. The regular passersby do not scoff at white girls like they would at a Muslim girl in a hijab. They would not look at a Japanese family nervously as they walked down the street like they might at a Pakistani family. It should be simple for people to grasp the fact that an extremist group, in any given culture, is not an accurate representation for the majority of the population, but apparently not.

The recent terror attacks in Paris have sparked aggressive responses from people all around the world, but instead of fighting the people in the wrong, they are waging a war on peaceful Muslim civilians. Will the internment camps return once again? Will another genocide against the innocent happen again?

People are so willing to fight for the rights of women, homosexuals, African Americans, Christians and animals. Why not fight for the rights of the innocent Muslims?

The adversity that faces the Muslim community would not be tolerated if it were any other group of people.

The aggression toward the Muslim community is seen as a form of ‘patriotism’ and is becoming a form of socially acceptable stereotyping, which is absolutely ridiculous. Being cautious and reporting suspicious activity to the police is one thing, screaming profanities at a Muslim family in the grocery store is another.

Those threatening the majority of the Muslim population are no better than the terrorist organizations threatening the world’s peace. By segregating the Muslim community from the rest of the population, the rift in humanity widens. Isolating a ‘problem’ does not solve it, but moves further away from a resolution. The world needs to fight for peace, with peace.