Come check out some live books

Every Los Medanos College student member needs to go to the Library’s event Books Alive! 2015. The theme is “Advice from Human Books About Careers.” Everyone is invited to come and check out a human book, and learn about specific careers from people who work in that field. Students should be taking advantage of this opportunity.

This is a community college! Most people are here because they want to do something amazing with their lives, but students don’t always know what that amazing something is. These books might be able to help them. They have gone through a process and can show you how to get to their level. But they can’t help you if you don’t show up and take advantage of this awesome opportunity. This is the perfect time for those who are confused about what job they want to pursue or which study path to take in school.

Plus, who hasn’t been frustrated by not being able to get a real person to talk to when you need information or help with a problem? In this day and age, most of the time you are directed to a website or have to get through a bunch of options in an automated phone system before you can speak to a human. Now, human’s will not only give you information but first-hand accounts of how they got where they are at.

So, come on down and check out the event and the books; and for more information on who will be available to check out and what exactly will be going on see the front page story of this issue.