Body mod’s in the workplace

Generally, body modification like piercings and tattoos are becoming more widely accepted. Piercings in particular are starting to become the norm and have been gaining mainstream popularity since the late 1960s. However, while people might be getting used to them in public, there tends to be a hard time accepting piercings in the work place, as they usually have to be removed.
Why do we have to remove them? This question is always answered with the same response, “We have to show professionalism in the workplace.” You can still be professional and have piercings — it’s not like the piercings will affect how employees act at work.
Another reason people have for not wanting piercings in the some places of work — restaurants to be specific — is because it’s unsanitary and could make people sick. Please explain to me how any of my piercings that are nowhere near the food are going to make people sick?
It’s not like I’m going to be messing with them while I’m at work. I’m not going to remove $200 worth of piercings just to abide by a dress code or because someone doesn’t like the way they look. It’s ridiculous for people to assume someone with any kind of body modification such as dyed hair, tattoos or makeup, is unprofessional. A person’s appearance has nothing to do with their abilities in the workplace.
It’s like employers are discriminating against those who look different before they’ve even had a chance to see them work. According to an article written by Dr. Brian Elzweig entitled “Tattoos and Piercings: Issues of Body Modification and the Workplace,” It’s not illegal to discriminate against those with piercings unless it’s apart of a sacred practice.
Isn’t it hilarious how companies or certain workplaces will hire someone who has a horrible record of not doing their job and not attending work but the workplace will still keep them? I mean, god forbid someone with a lip piercing come to work on time everyday and excel in improving the company but not take out the piercing because it’s supposedly unprofessional. Then, before they know it, they’re fired even after helping so much all because of one measly little lip piercing.
I probably sound like another crazy student ranting about what I hate about having a job, but it isn’t true. The thing is, I love working, but certain rules regarding appearance that have to do with appearance are ridiculous. Body modifications aren’t going to hurt a company and I can guarantee people are not going to care about an employee’s piercings and think “This place is so unprofessional for hiring people with these piercings.” Generalizing here, pretty sure most people go to a restaurant for the food, they go to the store to buy what they want or need, not to criticize how you have your employees looking or how unprofessional the place is.
Piercings make a person look interesting and while yes they may look intimidating we’re completely ignoring what we have said for so many years, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’
You would think businesses would want to have diversity and care to anyone, which could lead to people telling others about how well the business, treats their employees. While this seems like somewhat of an uninteresting topic for some, it might reach out to those who feel the same way about people with body modifications in the workplace.
It really is annoying having to take piercings out and having to put them back in every time you to and from work. It’s a hassle and you might be thinking “Why get them then?” Let me ask you, why do you dress the way you do or why do you always put up your hair like that? Probably because that’s how you express yourself, the same applies to those with piercings.